I want you to cure me of…

Ok time I put this out there cos I think I may have given off the wrong impression from sharing with you some of the feedback I get from my clients on facebook!!

I have just got off the phone from a lady who was enquiring about booking in with me for help with a long term painful condition. As is my normal way I asked her a few questions to determine if I could assist her. When I asked her “so how can I help you?” her short reply was “The doctors can’t help me so I want you to cure me of *** ” Ah ok! – Time to reset her expectations of what I can and cannot do and so I thought I’d share them with you too.

Now my lovely ladies and gents as you know I’m not a doctor, consultant or even medically trained and last time I checked in the mirror I was not Jesus (which is a shame considering what he did with the water turning into wine!)

I AM someone who looks at pain differently to many medical professionals in that I believe it is NOT necessarily a bad thing to have pain and symptoms, as its your body’s way of trying to get your attention and make you sit up and listen, because something/someone in your life – past or present – is quite simply NOT sitting right with you and needs to be dealt with.

I AM able to teach you WHY your pain is not going away or healing and what you can do about it. I AM trained and qualified in numerous holistic therapies and I AM able to teach and share with you the wonderful benefits of them and how you can use them during your everyday life. I AM able to motivate and encourage you to take back control of your life, if that is what you want – because like everything in life you have a choice, and your health is your choice. I AM quite happy to guide and teach you everything I know but ultimately YOU have to take responsibility for your health. I cannot be with you 24/7 and you do and should have a role to play in your own healing.

So as I advised this lovely lady, I CANNOT cure you and you should NOT (in my humble opinion) be giving away your complete control and your power to heal yourself, to anyone else – not even medically trained practitioners (which if you expect someone else to “cure you”, you are). Of course, seek advice from professionals and those that know, on whatever path you decide to go down, whether its medicine and surgery or supplements and therapies or a combination of the two. BUT please do yourself a favour and play a VERY large part in your own health. Look at what else you need to do to contribute to your healing, if you need a lifestyle change to avoid the stress, then make it. If you need to look at what you’re eating, then do it. If you need to stop doing something to allow your body time and space to get better, then stop it.

Just please DO NOT turn up and want someone else to “cure you” without expecting to do your part too!

I share my feedback posts because I am proud and honoured of the part I play in peoples journeys to a better lifestyle and to share with you that there are other ways of dealing with your pain and your conditions that maybe you hadn’t heard of before

Ok – getting off my soap box now – just wanted to share something I’m passionate about xx

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

reflexlymphdrainageHello my lovelies and how are you today, I just thought I’d write a quick post to let you all about the course I attended last week with the lovely Sally Kay on the award-winning techniques of Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD).  The course was very inspirational and I learnt reflexology techniques to stimulate your lymphatic system, which can help with Lymphoedema, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, allergies,arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune disorders, migraines, pregnancy and premenstrual fluid retention, sinus problems, asthma, chronic fatigue and muscular tension.
Now in case your didn’t know, your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid your body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of your lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout your body. There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the human body. They are located deep inside the body, such as around the lungs and heart, or closer to the surface, such as under the arm or groin.

Ok a little bit of biology next… unlike blood, which flows throughout the body in a continue loop, lymph flows in only one direction — upward toward the neck. Lymphatic vessels connect to two subclavian veins, which are located on either sides of the neck near the collarbones, and the fluid re-enters the circulatory system. However unlike blood which has the heart to pump it around the body, lymph relies on movement in the body in order to make its important journey around your body.  RLD which is an adaptation of Manual Lymph Draininage (which uses specialised massage techniques) and it helps to move the lymph back around your body so it can be excreted naturally.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and according to Cancer Research UK (2011), the lifetime risk of developing it in the UK is 1:8 for women and 1:1014 for men. Approximately 20% of these patients develop secondary lymphoedema of the arm following treatment for breast cancer.

Lymphoedema is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage. After breast cancer, a person may experience psychological or emotional difficulties due to altered body image, and a swollen limb can exacerbate this.


Currently there is no cure for Lymphoedema and the condition is managed in several ways including wearing compression garments (which many find uncomfortable and unsightly), taking good care of your skin, moving and exercising regularly, diet and specialised massage techniques).  However Sally is working very hard to get RLD recognised within the health profession and available to more people by sharing her amazing techniques with other therapists so we can in turn share them with you :-)

If you are interested in finding out if Reflexology Lymph Drainage can help you in any way then please do get in contact with me on and we can have a chat.

Healing hugs to you

Sarah x


She’s pregnant!

canstockphoto7302328Woo hoo! I’ve just heard some lovely news and thought I’d share it with you – 1 of my gorgeous clients who has been coming to me for a little while for Reflexology, is 12 weeks pregnant!  :-) How lovely is that!

Penny* contacted me in September to ask my advice as she suffers from Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS a common condition that can affect how a woman’s ovaries work) as she and her husband were thinking of trying for a baby in the near future.  I advised a series of Reflexology treatments to help to balance her hormones and monthly cycles and Bach Flower Remedies to help with any negative emotions that she may have about conceiving such as worry, fear etc.

After just a couple of sessions of Reflexology and using the Bach Flower Remedies, Penny advised she felt so much more calm and relaxed about everything and how things in her life just weren’t bothering her (which they normally would) so I felt we were on the right track.

This is her lovely review :-

“After suffering from Polysystic ovaries for over 14 years I thought conceiving would be an issue for us, I read that reflexology can help with the symptoms of pcos and possible help us to conceive. I started visited Emerald Dreams in September and found out in February that we were pregnant. We’ve just had our 12 week scan and are due Nov 7th, I genuinely believe that with the help of Sarah and reflexology it has helped get my body ready for pregnancy and helped to get everything working properly again resulting in us falling pregnant. Thank You Sarah, I will be sure to visit you throughout this pregnancy. Xxx”

The three main features of PCOS are:

Irregular periods – which means your ovaries don’t regularly release eggs (ovulation)
Excess androgen – high levels of “male hormones” in your body, which may cause physical signs such as excess facial or body hair (see signs and symptoms below)
Polycystic ovaries – your ovaries become enlarged and contain many fluid-filled sacs (follicles) which surround the eggs (it’s important to note that, despite the name, if you have PCOS you don’t actually have cysts)

During a reflexology session a therapist can work on specific points on your feet relating to hormonal reflex points i.e. pituitary, ovaries, uterus, lumbar spine etc and assist a woman’s body to heal itself naturally.  By helping to regulate a woman’s monthly cycles and balancing her hormones it may increase the chance of a couple conceiving naturally.

I am absolutely thrilled for this lovely couple and am looking forward to continuing to work with Penny throughout her pregnancy and after the baby is born to help Penny cope more easily with this wonderful life changing event

If you would like any more information on how reflexology may work for you then please do get in touch on 07966 162046

Speak to you soon


Sarah x

*Names have been changed to protect my clients identity

Emerald Dreams has moved!

Well, after many months of looking, we have finally found our new home and will be moving at the end of January 2016 (woohoo!) but don’t worry as I know so many of you love how a treatment feels from my “Home Salon” (as well as the fact I love working from home and welcoming people here) I have made sure that there is room for Emerald Dreams to carry on exactly as it was before :-)

And so with effect from 2nd February 2016 my new address will be

7 Greenfield Crescent
Swansea SA7 9SR

And to give you a rough idea on how to get to me, from my old house you need to travel down Peniel Green Road to the first set of traffic lights just before Llansamlet Library, turn left here and travel past Llansamlet Train Station and Llansamlet Surgery onto Trallwn Road, continue forward over the speed bumps and just before you come to Trallwn Shops, look out for Carlos Chip Shop, if you turn left here onto Maes Yr Haf then immediately left onto Greenfield Crescent and I’m 4 houses up on the left hand side

I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to my new home and salon

See you soon

Love & hugs


Start 2015 with a clean slate!

decision2Happy New Year to YOU!

Wishing you a year full of wonderful happy times with a healthy body and mind, surrounded by people who make you feel fabulous :-)

In the words of Michael Jordan…..”If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

This year I’m absolutely determined to introduce everyone I know to the AMAZING benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting, which I know just the names of these techniques sound completely and utterly wacky but believe me I’ve seen first hand how these “weird and wonderful sessions” (a clients words not mine!) can completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE – so if you are reading this on 1st January 2015 and you are determined that this year things are have got to, just got to, change for the better, you need to learn how these sessions can help you and all it starts with is a quick phone call to me to get the ball rolling 😉 07966 162046

So going back to my quote, if you have want help working around any of your “roadblocks” whether that’s physical pain, anxiety and depression, problems conceiving a baby, stress, grief, divorce or whatever is currently holding you back in your eyes from really living your dream life – then we need to talk – soon!! Call me 07966 162046 or hit reply right now!

January Special Offer One of my resolutions this year is to do an awful lot more EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions in Emerald Dreams, because I simply LOVE how something so simple can make such a HUGE difference in your life and to kick start this off I’m offering 90 minute sessions for the normal price of a 60 minute session (£40- saving yourself a whopping £20 – and you’d be surprised how much old debris we can get rid of in 90 mins!) during January to the first 7 people who are determined that 2015 is going to be their year! So don’t wait around any longer, text me, facebook message me, email me, ring me, just contact me somehow and just take that first step and I promise you won’t be sorry you did!

Physical Pain = Emotional Pain??

Or How Your Body is Trying To Tell You Something Is Wrong With You Emotionally

For the last 3 days I have been having lots of lower back pain (all around my bum and lower back) and I thought I had sciatica and maybe a water infection. Add in some fab headaches and I can tell you it has not been pleasant at all and my normal cheery disposition has been falling to the wayside! Now as my hubbie Rob will tell you I don’t generally deal with pain very well and I’m lucky that it doesn’t happen very often, so I decided I needed to put my therapist head on and apply what I would do to my clients, to myself….

So first things first I had a massage to release stress and tension in my knotted up back and shoulders which did alleviate quite a lot of the pain and made walking a lot easier, but it was still there, still underlying and so I had to go back to the drawing board…

I hadn’t knowingly hurt my back or my head/shoulders or fallen so it got me thinking about how I’m feeling inside at the moment. Now I’m a big believer that your physical pain and symptoms is your body’s way of trying to tell you that something is wrong emotionally or that you haven’t dealt with something emotionally and closed the chapter in your book of life and so I thought I would do some investigating…

Authors Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau and scientist Bruce Lipton, amongst others, have shared that your physical pain and symptoms are merely evidence of what is going on in your subconscious mind and how you are REALLY feeling deep down inside. The word “emotion” explains what is actually happening. E-motion is energy in motion. Your painful emotions create energy movement resulting in physical changes in your body that can create physical pain. Pain is a warning, something is not right! By dealing with the emotional cause of the symptoms you will receive relief from the physical symptoms and your body will heal itself :-)

So what did I find out….well headaches are the equivalent of your old school teacher giving you a quick clip around the head and saying “wake up and pay attention”. You are ignoring your gut feelings or your intuition. You know that feeling when you know you are doing something you don’t really want to do but you do it anyway because its easier or don’t want to upset someone else? Yep thats ignoring your gut feeling and I’ve been ignoring mine!

Neck pain relates to fear of life and insecurity, too much to cope with and life overload – I could relate to that!

Shoulders represent burdens and responsibilities. And your lower back, well that relates to loss of power, buried emotions and support; financial support, emotional support of family and friends, and support of God or the Universe. The Kidneys are located in this area and Kidney dysfunction results in Fear/Fright/Phobias. A sore lower back may indicate that we have taken on more than we think we can handle – once again I could relate to that as its been a very busy time here at Emerald Dreams HQ over the last couple of months.

So with self-probing and asking myself “who or what is being a pain in my bum at the moment in my life” and “what burdens and responsibilites am I shouldering that I don’t want to” followed by some rounds of EFT and tapping to release those blocks, feelings and emotions and I am pleased to say my head, back and bum are all feeling soooo much better!!!

So next time your lower back/bum is giving you some gip, ask yourself “who or what is being a pain in my bum?” and then come and see me and together we can tap through your emotions and release your pain once and for all!!


Winter Special Offers

I have 2 great special offers for you during the next couple of cold and wet months, so if you’re looking to boost your immune system and get rid of those aches and pains, book in for the Feeling Great Winter Special and if you’re in need of losing those inches ready for your Christmas parties and balancing your immune system to ward off those bugs then book in for my Looking Good Special….

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